Team Liaisons

Each team, including high school and middle school athletic programs, is required to appoint at least one parent/guardian to represent their individual team within the WABC. The team liaison will:

  • Serve as a conduit of information between WABC and the team they represent
  • Promote the WABC and its mission
  • Serve on a WABC committee or volunteer for activities
  • Vote on officers (limited to high school team representatives only)
  • Serve a minimum of one year

Required Team Participation to Receive Funds

Teams must meet eligibility requirements to receive WABC per athlete distribution funds. Eligibility is determined as:

  1. Coaches MUST attend at least three (3) meetings per year
  2. Team representative (coach or liaison) must attend four (4) of the remaining six (6) meetings – for a total of team representation at seven (7) booster club meetings
  3. Liaison or other team representative is not just a body that checks in at meetings. The booster club wants (and needs) engagement. Beyond input and disseminating information and our mission, liaisons/team representatives must help with at least one of the following:
    1. Sell Bulldog cards
    2. Attain corporate sponsorships/help hang sponsor banners
    3. Help sell 50/50 raffles/man Booster Club table at sporting events
    4. Garner memberships
    5. Volunteer or help plan fundraising events
    6. Sit on the scholarship committee
    7. Other programs

Teams that have not met the above requirements will NOT be calculated into the Per Athlete Distribution Amount for that year.